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female intimate waxing

female intimate waxing

I was trained by Kim Lawless (the Wax Queen) in intimate waxing. Kim has revolutionised the art of waxing and is regarded as the leading authority in this type of treatment.

  • Brazilian £25
    (Hair is removed from the buttock crack, inner and outer labia, and only a small strip is left at the front of the pubic mound.)
  • Hollywood £25
    (All hair is completely removed from buttock crack, inner and outer labia and pubic mound.)
to get the best results from waxing

Hair should have a minimum of four weeks growth from your last wax and minimum three weeks growth from your last shave.

pre care and aftercare

The following is not advised 24 hours prior to or after waxing: Sauna, Steam very hot baths or showers, swimming, Sunbeds, sunbathing. The use of perfumed soaps,creams or deodorant.

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